Our Drinks

The drinks served at the Bubbly Boutique have been carefully chosen to ensure there are high-quality bubbly drinks for everyone to enjoy. Choose your tipple from the list below:

Grand Vini Rigoroso

The finest bubbles in the whole of Italy, we source our Prosecco from the original producer, so that we can ensure its authenticity and quality.

Traditionally, Prosecco is served from bottles only, but we offer our sparkling delicacy from kegs, so our tipple is officially known as Frizzante (loosely translated, this means ‘lightly sparkling’).

The Glera Grape

Rigoroso is a beautiful blend of Glera grapes with a neutral, subtle flavour that makes for a truly delicious sparkling wine. These grapes were once known as Prosecco, lending their name to a drink that has now become incredibly popular around the world. As the grape variety became cultivated over a larger area in order to meet demand, it was considered confusing to have it keep the name of the town in which it was first grown, and so the grape was renamed Glera. This also meant that not all sparkling wines made from this grape variety could be known as Prosecco, unless they were made in the correct region.

Of course, our Rigoroso is far more complicated than that. This modern fruity blend gives off citrus and floral notes, with a strong flavour of apples and pears. The wine is both smooth and dry, the sweet fruit taste perfectly balanced with a sour edge that makes this an irresistible wine that is ideal for elegant, organised events.



Peroni Nastro Azzurro

One of the most popular Italian beers, Peroni is produced in Rome, Bair and Padova, perfectly brewed to create a crisp, refreshing lager that is pale in colour and medium in strength. Francesco Peroni made his first blend of barley and maize in 1846, and the company has gone from strength to strength since. Nastro Azzurro is the premium version of the original Peroni lager and is extremely well-known worldwide.

Nastro Azzurro uses the highest quality hops, Italian maize and two-row Spring planted barley for a flavour that is thirst-quenching and unique. We are very proud to offer this exceptional lager in two of our four pumps.


San Pellegrino

Not everyone wants to drink alcohol, and so we have plenty to offer any designated drivers or children at your event. San Pellegrino aims to delight the senses with its sparkling citrus flavours created with the highest quality Italian ingredients. Our Bubbly Boutique is always fully loaded with the fruity fizz, ready to serve at your event.